The largest lifting capacity on the UK inland waterways
and the nearest to London

CT110 NCK Rapier Eiger

Crawler crane, lifting up to 70ft long and 14ft wide

3 Ton Telehandler

For smaller lifting operations


Expert crane services are essential when trusting your boat in someone else’s hands. It’s a delicate operation which needs expertise and precision. It’s carried out by highly skilled and fully certified operators and the lifting operation is professionally co-ordinated by our experienced team (videos below).

Crawler Crane CT110 NCK Rapier Eiger, nicknamed Fat Boy Sling, can lift up to 70 tonnes and is inspected by an independent NCK specialist every 6 months, to ensure all lifting tackle is up to safety and insurance standard.

Our 3 ton telehandler can lift smaller items such as appliances, engines and goods you may need placing on board. This service is charged in addition to your main cranage. Please let us know if you need to load items onto your boat when booking with us.

P&S Marine Crane and Lift Service:

  • Wide and Narrow beam lifts
  • Water to hardstanding (and vice versa)
  • Water to road transport (and vice versa)
  • Small load lifts (no boats)

YES – We can lift your wide beams! Up to 14ft in width and up to 70ft in length as well as lifting commercial vessels 12ft in width and 72ft in length. Please read the FAQ.

FACT – No one else can lift that size of boat without hiring in a specialist mobile crane.

Lifting a V Bottom boat takes a little extra care with a little packing out. Fibreglass lifts need a discussion prior to booking.


Total cranage prices (inc VAT)

  • £ 550.00 Narrow beam Band 1
  • £ 770.00 Wide beam Bands 2 – 4
  • £ 66.00 per hour additional small lifts
  • Any additional internal cranage will be invoiced per lift
“Absolutely great people very professional and helpful, a very good hassle free collection.
(March 2022)”

John Clarke – TCX Logistics

Other Services

Hull Blacking

Two coats of SML bitumen for the
hull of your vessel


Dry docking for you and your boat, and free Wifi

Engine Servicing

Smooth your sailing with consistent maintenance


Cathodic protection for your canal boat


Fabrication, welding and overplating for your boat

Grit Blasting

Hull preparation prior to painting the base and sides


The most frequently asked questions about cranage are answered here, but if you would like to ask an additional question please click below

Can you lift my wide beam boat?
Yes we can. Our crane can lift boats up to 14ft wide and up to 70ft long. Our lifting capacity is up to 70 tonnes. That’s a big boat! Remember we are the largest crane on the UK inland waterways and specialise in the big boat lifts.
Can you lift my boat from a lorry to the water?
Yes. We are set up with good road transportation access and will lift new or preowned boats from the lorry safely to water. We handle numerous new boats delivered straight from the builder, so you can be assured that your new pride and joy is in safe hands, for its launch and maiden voyage. Don’t forget to bring something to celebrate with.
Can you lift my boat from water to a lorry?

Yes. You can sail to us and we will left your boat onto transport for its onward journey.

Can you lift on Saturday or Sunday?
No. We are closed at the weekends. Our lifts for blacking or hardstanding bookings are Monday and Tuesday. Road to water or water to road slots are Wednesday, Thursday or Friday only. Pre-purchase survey lifts are Friday.
My boat is not flat bottomed can you lift it?
Yes. We will pack the base for protection during the lift, at no extra cost.
Do I need to pay a deposit?
Yes. If you are staying with us for blacking or other works, your deposit is half the lift.. ie: £250.00 for narrow boats and £350.00 for wide. This is refundable with a minimum 10 days notice.
If you are lifting for a pre purchase survey the deposit is £100.00 non refundable for any boat. Remember that you need to co-ordinate your date and time with your chosen surveyor. Of course giving as much notice is always preferred. If you need to change the date due to unforeseen circumstances this will be taken into account but please be mindful when booking, spaces are limited.