Engine Servicing

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A 26 Point Check List

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Consistent Maintenance

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Engine Servicing

We offer top-class servicing for your boat and if you do not have time to be lifted for blacking, we can service you in the water.

Our 26 point check list ensures your boat is kept in tip top condition. We will check your batteries, engine mounts, engine alignment, stern gland packing, gearbox, bilge pump, check for leaks, check fluid levels and much more.

Anything we find that needs more attention, we will let you know immediately but depending on our schedule you may need to return at another time to resolve fully. Please read the FAQ.

P&S Marine Engine Service:

  • A 26 point check list
  • You can black and service together
  • Service in the water

A P&S Marine engine service involves a full and comprehensive inspection and replacement of filters etc. When booking please let us know the make and model of your engine so we have the correct replacement parts.

Inspecting and blacking your hull is all part of your boat maintenance but the engine is the heart and you need to keep it beating. It’s best to do them together saving you valuable time.


Engine Service (inc VAT)

  • £ 330.00 approximately – 26 point check
  • £ 66.00 per hour for additional labour
  • Additional materials over and above the service are charged on an individual basis
Old for new engine
Dirty fuel filter
Battery bank
Spaces large and small
“P&S is the best! We’ve been there for blacking a couple of years ago and were beyond impressed by the expert knowledge and kindness or Ralph and his team. More recently, we’ve been back to P&S who sourced and replaced our engine.. It was a big job and took a while but we cruised away knowing everything is solid! You can really trust these guys and you know they won’t cut any corners! We have so much love and appreciation for your work, thank you 🙂 (August 2023)”

Kirsti Erbay


Changing your engine oil and filter is recommended every 250 running hours, so how much do you sail?

Continuous cruisers should be aware of the need to service more regularly, to prevent costly repairs down the line.

Alongside the engine your batteries need some tender loving care. For starting, cruising, electrics and heating, your battery charges as you move, so if unused will become flat. Keep them in good condition and recharge if running at less than 75% capacity.

Preventative maintenance is always preferable to that horribly huge repair bill.

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The most frequently asked questions about engine servicing are answered here, but if you would like to ask an additional question please click below
How long will my service take?

Your service will be in and out in a day if you are not blacking and will take around 3 hours to complete.

Can you come to me to service?

No. We will only service on hardstanding here in the yard or in the water on our staging area. If you require mechanical assistance we are happy to recommend someone who can assist you. Please see our recommendations page.

What happens if I need substantial repairs?
It depends on the time of year. Summer is extremely busy and keeping a boat longer than a week is very difficult. In winter is usually easier to accommodate an overstay. With this in mind, you may need to come back another time, but we will enable you to be back in the water by the end of your booking.
Can you replace an engine?
Yes. Again this is a major job and would mostly be undertaken during the winter months October to February. It is an individual conversation so please contact us directly, we will be happy to chat 1-2-1 with you.
Do you sell batteries?
It’s possible for us to source batteries for you to purchase, but we do not keep stock on site.